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State Inspections in Tidewater, VA

Make sure your vehicle is road-ready with our thorough preparations for Virginia state inspections. Whether you have previously failed and need emission repair or if you want to ensure success on your state inspections in the Tidewater, Virginia Region, AAA of Tidewater is standing ready to help. Because of the complicated requirements for Virginia car owners and the penalties and hassle of failure, count on our expertise for full-service inspection support.

Whether you’re an AAA member or just want a reliable business to perform your Virginia vehicle state inspections, you’ve come to the right place. While AAA members receive additional discounts, we also work hard to pass savings on to non-members. If you’re interested in becoming an AAA member, we’re available to start that process as well so you can keep your car in optimal condition for less.

Bring your car around for inspections and support. As an affiliate of AAA, we provide routine service and guaranteed repairs for AAA members, but we also serve non-members. The AAA name guarantees quality, and we are an experienced team of ASE, EPA, NIAT and Hybrid-certified technicians with years of experience in every aspect of vehicle maintenance and emissions repair.

Thorough, Affordable Vehicle State Inspections

In Virginia, your vehicle must pass through an inspection station every year to make sure it meets government regulations and requirements. At AAA Car Care Center, we're proud to offer vehicle state inspections. You can trust our experienced team to ensure your inspection is performed thoroughly. By choosing an AAA affiliate, you get the peace of mind knowing we work hard to keep your car running safely and efficiently.

The state of Virginia mandates periodic vehicle state inspections for safety and emissions compliance, and AAA members take advantage of their membership to receive a $12 state vehicle inspection. While you’re here, take your required inspection to the next level with a free 40-point vehicle maintenance inspection with any service.

For newly registered vehicles, you are required to get the safety inspection immediately, and any delay puts you at risk of a ticket. The emissions inspection must be performed before registration to ensure compliance, unless it was previously inspected in a qualifying state. Fortunately, there are no long waits with an AAA membership. If there are any problems with your emissions, you are guaranteed a diagnosis within 30 minutes.

The Process for State Inspections

Vehicle inspections in Virginia are valid for one year from the date of issue and are obtained by having your vehicle inspected at our certified emissions inspection station. After we perform the inspection, we will update your automobile record automatically, meaning there’s nothing else for you to worry about once the process is complete.

The results of vehicle inspections are usually transmitted to the DMV within 24 hours of your vehicle being inspected. No vehicle subject to state inspections in Virginia will be registered or renewed by the Virginia DMV until it has passed inspection. This inspection includes the following items:

• Brakes

Exhaust System
Signal Devices

License Tags

Windshield Wipers
Air Pollution Control System

Our Inspection Practices for Emission Repair

Not only can you enjoy fast service from our team of professionals, you can also experience the added benefits of choosing our shop for any necessary emission repair services. The skilled technicians we employ keep an eye out for problems in your car, making for early diagnosis of any issues that may arise. This means you’ll likely need only minor, preventative repairs on an annual basis rather than extensive costly repairs over time.

Keep your family safe while you drive with our inspection services. The Virginia state inspection also gives our experts a chance to provide early maintenance, increasing your fuel efficiency and car’s overall reliability in the long run. With state-of-the-art evaporative emission detection, we notice any changes in your car’s emissions to make changes at affordable rates. This not only ensures your safety but saves you money as well.

After Your Virginia State Vehicle Inspection

If our inspector determines that your car runs safely, he places an approval sticker on the inside of your windshield. If our inspector has found broken parts, leaks, or non-approved parts, your car receives a rejection sticker. You will have 15 days to repair any problems and have your car re-inspected.

All of our AAA locations in the Hampton Roads region are certified state inspection facilities. We provide high-quality inspection services, and you will know that your car is being handled by experienced technicians. As an AAA Member, you'll enjoy great rates and fast service on all inspections, as well as additional services.

Visit any of our car inspection stations and you’ll receive more than a valid approval sticker on your car. We provide quick and competent tests for all our customers, which can be performed along with other services. Whether you’re stopping by for a routine oil change or need serious repairs, we can handle your Virginia state inspection for your total convenience.

To enjoy the benefits of membership in AAA in the Tidewater Virginia Region, contact us today to learn more about our special offers! AAA of Tidewater proudly serves Hampton, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Williamsburg, and the surrounding communities in Virginia.